Welcome to SuFi,

the Sustainable Finance Masterclass to help you better integrate sustainable finance in your daily decisions.

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Transitioning to a low-carbon, resilient and truly sustainable economy is a real challenge and requires more literacy in sustainable finance.

With this Masterclass, we aim to equip influential leaders with the knowledge and networks required to better integrate sustainable finance in their daily decisions.

  • When ? 6 sessions, Q2 2024

  • Where ? Brussels, BE

  • Language English

  • An average of 25 participants

For high level professionals who want to transform their practices towards sustainability. For those who realize they need to understand how finance impacts societal challenges such as climate, food, housing, biodiversity, culture, or energy.

Leaders from all spheres welcome: corporates, associations,universities, administrationsand politics.

Each cohort will have an average of 25 participants, mainly active in Belgium.

Why choosing for SuFi?

  • Focus on sustainability AND finance
  • Inter-university program
  • Each session hosted by academics for the north and south of Belgium, and by practitioner’s experts in sustainable finance
  • Join a community of practice in sustainable finance

Participants engage critically with practices and theories in sustainable finance. They develop knowledge by building on the group’s expertise, and their own. They confront this knowledge with real-world cases presented by field experts.

We cover concepts of active ownership, engagement, divestment, ESG, green bonds, financial inclusion, taxonomies, impact measurement, risk assessment, labels, benchmarks and indices, and systemic thinking.

Become part of an alumni community and integrate our partners’ networks after the training. We are looking forward to this journey with you!

Once graduated, participants will form a network of senior practitioners who are socio-ecologically literate when interacting with the financial sector, and who are financially literate when working on a sustainable transition. Each cohort will have an average of 25 participants, mainly active in Belgium. This network of alumni will materialize in the networks of the Masterclass’ partners, whose expertise will stay available to participants.

To complete the Masterclass, participants will have to submit an assignment.

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The program

Day 1

The purpose of finance

  • Origin and purpose of finance
  • Origin of sustainable finance
  • Financial instruments
  • Changing landscape
  • Private and public actors in the financial system
Day 2

From financial inclusion to social taxonomy

  • Financial inclusion
  • Social banking
  • Mobile banking
Day 3

Systemic thinking

  • The limits of our models and metrics
  • An introduction to complex systems and systemic thinking
Day 4

Measuring risk and impact

  • Macro level focus
  • Central banking: climate risk assessment and public policies
  • Rating and label agencies
  • Sustainability legislation : European taxonomy, etc
Day 5

ESG and beyond

  • Micro level focus
  • Sustainable investment strategies
  • Impact investing
  • Impact measurement
  • Engagement
Day 6

Shaping the future

  • Financing the transition
  • New trends
  • Sustainable finance strategy
  • Next steps
Why master class

Why a Masterclass ?

Watch the video

Our founders, the expertise behind.

The course is an inter-university collaboration, founded by Belgian sustainable finance academics from ICHEC, ULB and UNamur, supported by an advisory board composed of field experts.

The Masterclass was launched in 2021, in Belgium.

    Sophie BéreauFounding Director Université de Namur

    Christel DumasFounding Director ICHEC Brussels Management School

    Marek HudonFounding Director Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (ULB)

Our partners

A board panel of sustainable finance institutions in Belgium have partnered with this Masterclass to support it with content and contacts.

Our 12 academics & experts

    Aleksandra PalinskaEurosif

    Philippe DrouillonMETAMORPHOSIS

    Marc LabieUMons

    Koen SchoorsUGent

    Luc VanliedekerkeUAntwerpen / KULeuven

    Julia SymonFinance Watch

    Etienne De CallatayOrcadia Asset Management

    Benoit DerenneFoundation of Future Generations

    Sevan HolemansSolifin

    Vincent VandeloiseFinance Watch

    Anne SnickClub of Rome

    Thomas Van CraenTriodos Bank